Arctic Monkeys channel Black Sabbath

The Arctic Monkeys are prepping their third album for release this summer and as inspiration for the new tunes they have channeled the OG’s of metal: Black Sabbath.

In an interview with , singer Alex Turner said that when the band played the Latitude Festival in Sheffield, England last year they suddenly felt the urge to try some metal riffs on their next LP. “We went to Latitude, ripped it up… and eventually wrote some songs”, Turner said. “We spend the first day there on the most complicated riff you’ve ever heard. It goes round in 7/2 time. It was like Black Sabbath.”

While the Monkeys have been recording their new album, they’ve also been filming the process and putting up videos on YouTube. The most recent one celebrates Matthew Helders’ birthday and shows the band playing new songs in their rehearsal space. Check it out right underneath.

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