Pearl Jam artwork = New song

Is this bit of artwork a lost treasure from the back of Andy Warhol’s closet? Nope. But it is the brand new scavenger hunt that Pearl Jam started today so you could download a new tune.

PJ kicked off a net-wide game via their where you have to find all the pieces of artwork from their upcoming album Backspacer. If you pull off the feat then you are rewarded with a brand new song to download from the album. Up top is the finished product, thanks to our friends at , but going to their site won’t get you the song. You have to put in a little work.

The art was created by graphic artist Tom Tomorrow and Pearl Jam’s manager of their fan site Ten Club, Tim Bierman, was raving about it. “The artwork collaboration between Tom Tomorrow and the band for this album is so compelling, we felt like it deserved its own online gallery showcase.”

So what are you waiting for? Go find those pieces…oh ok fine. You look like you need help. Go for a piece. That’s all the help you get from me.

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