Weezer – Everybody Go Away

Weezer is just all over the place these days. One can’t seem to get away from Rivers Cuomo and his infectious brand of pop-rock. Even when we think we’ve heard it all, more just seems to pop up.

Up top is a previously unreleased song by Weezer called “Everybody Go Away” that was recorded during the Green Album days but then was just stored away in the vault. Until Guitar Center came along and released the GAIN compilation disc that features songs picked by Guitar Center employees that are in bands (which means this should be a never ending record). The album is available for free at all Guitar Center stores but there were only 50,000 copies of the record pressed so get on it if you want that CD.

If you listen carefully to the song, you can almost hear the 90′s calling to Rivers and asking him to release more songs like this one. But if you’re into what Weezer is doing now (and I am to a certain degree) then head on over to their to see all the stuff they’re getting involved in.


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