Iggy Pop is a Lego rock star

You know when a franchise is great? Not when they sell millions of whatever they’re selling. Not when they become a pop culture reference. Your franchise is great when Lego wants in on your action. Rock Band is officially great.

is reporting that the game Lego Rock Band will be out this holiday season and features the avatar of the legendary rocker Iggy Pop. If you look at the picture up top, Iggy as a Lego avatar is still way more ripped than I will ever be. If you want to see Lego Iggy singing his song “The Passenger” within the game then check it out down below.

Now I know you probably just spent your money on Guitar Hero 5 or The Beatles: Rock Band but this is a good excuse to save up your money again or to start working on your holiday wish list from now. Even if you’re considered too old to play video games, it never hurts to ask Mom or Dad for a game that will help you reclaim your youth combining your favorite toy as a kid with the music you’ve grown up listening to.

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