RiO! Band of the Week – This Condition

For the last two weeks the state of California claimed the title of RiO! Band of the Week but now the title returns to the east coast and belongs to the band This Condition.

These unsigned Long Island, NY pop-punk rockers bring infectious sounds to your ears that you’ll be bouncing around to all day long. Luckily the vocals, provided by the lead singer Nate Andrew, aren’t whiny or too emo which makes it a lot easier to listen to. So do yourself a favor and head over to their myspace page to check out their songs, pics and whatever else you may find interesting there.

They’ve also got two new songs, “Never Enough” and “Home (won’t let you go)”, up on iTunes so if you can’t stop listening to their tunes then you may want to consider purchasing them for your iPod or Zune. OK I’m kidding…no one owns one of those things.

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