Flea creates affordable line of bass guitars

Leave it to Flea to come up with an amazing idea all in the name of educating the little childrens. reports that the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist has launched his own line of affordable bass guitars after he saw the crap basses that were being used by kids he was teaching.

Flea teaches kids how to play instruments at his and noticed that the instruments the kids were bringing in were a bit sub par.

“The necks were warped and were falling apart. They were like toys. I wanted to make something that kids could afford but were quality, play well and last a long time,” Flea said. Since the bassist has put his name on gear before, he thought it might be a good idea to start his own line.

As to how the actual guitars would look, Flea summed it by saying “I’ll make it bitching and it’ll be cool!’ I just want the kids to rock!”

If all teachers were as passionate (and as awesome) as Flea, I think this country would take leaps and bounds in the world of education. Teachers need to step up and follow Flea’s example…play bass in a funky band and give a shit about the kids you’re educating.

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