Muse may write soundtrack for Clash of the Titans

Is it just me or are a lot of rock bands starting to love the world of soundtracks? After the success of New Moon musical compilation, it seems that the way for bands to go for more exposure and probably more money is the soundtrack route. Case in point; is reporting that Muse may write the soundtrack to the upcoming film Clash Of The Titans.

Frontman Matt Bellamy spoke to the about being invited to write the music to a film where, according to an early tagline, (ouch). “It’s something we’re up for doing – it’s just a case of timing because we’re always on tour. Clash Of The Titans is the first interesting offer we’ve had for film work.”

“We’re definitely interested in writing for films at some point when we get a break from being on the road,” Bellamy went on to say. He also previously told The Ampersand that the music on the soundtrack would sound nothing like Muse’s music. No soaring Freddie Mercury vocals, Matt? I figure they would fit just fine on a story featuring Grecian gods.

Clash Of The Titans is out on March 26, 2010.


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