Jim James starts his own record label

How easy is it to start a label? Because everybody and their mom seems to be doing it these days. We just reported on Billy Corgan starting his own label and now rocker/folker/beard enthusiast Jim James is starting one as well.

The My Morning Jacket frontman and his cousin/former bandmate Johnny Quaid have started which boasts to have “some of the coldest music you ain’t never heard!” Some of that music includes recordings from Johnny Quaid, James’ alter ego Yim Yames and, of course, My Morning Jacket.

In addition to being a record label, Removador also claims on their page that “the removador recordings and solutions web venture will offer consumers a rich new way of web-based living specializing in music purchase, production, and facilitation, as well as sports, rehab, recreation, vacation planning, vaccinations, ghosts, and social networking.”

They also claim to have 3-D printer technology coming this fall where the consumer can simply print out food and auto parts (complete with liquid carbon silicone and flavor simulator) and simply use them in their home. Seriously can someone point in the direction of where Jim scores his product because that seems like some good shit he’s holdin’.

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