Listen: Beck and M. Ward on the TrueBlood soundtrack

I’m excited for the show TrueBlood to come back on HBO this summer. Any chance to see Anna Paquin get naked and have crazy vampire sex is all I need to be sold on a show.

But besides that, the soundtrack for the show’s second season features an array of great artists for you to sharpen your fangs to. You’ve got Bob Dylan, Eels, Beck, M. Ward and Thievery Corporation to name a few of them.

I’m gonna give my vote to Beck for coolest track on this album. It’s a song called “Bad Blood” which is a dirty southern blues-rock track. Think Black Keys mixed with a bit of Dead Weather and there’s the vibe for the song. Yeah, I’m not surprised your eyes went wide for that description.

May 24th is the day the OST hits shelves but you can stream all the tracks now over at the Music Mix. Enjoy, my little bloodsuckers.

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