Janes Addiction playing the Roxy in L.A. on July 2nd

Jane’s Addiction’s next concert is meant for the fans and is taking place this Friday, July 2nd at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA.

How do you get in to this intimate show? Simple; you wait in line outside the venue and hope to get it. But I’d recommend you get into that line super early considering that the show is free so everybody is gonna try to be the first in line.

Now if you’re not one to sit amongst the public in the hot weather without showering for a long period of time, you can head over to the and try to get tickets to the show by signing up for them. You can also try to get tickets through the Twitter accounts of and .

The band is putting this show on because, according to an , “It was tough for a lot of fans to get in” to many of the intimate shows the band has done around L.A. for the past year “even after waiting all day for entry.” So finish reading this post and, if you’re a resident of the City of Angels, head out to the Roxy from now. You can still read this website on your cell phone.


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  1. Peter Says:

    You mean the 2nd of July?
    Not the 2nd of June.

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