Johnny Marr pens score for Inception

I’m already excited for the new Christopher Nolan movie Inception but now, with this bit of news, I really can’t wait for the movie to be out.

The Smiths/The Cribs/Modest Mouse guitar guru Johnny Marr helped to write the score for the film with composer Hans Zimmer and plays guitar on the soundtrack, according to . The OST itself will be in stores on July 13th.

Marr said that it was “Zimmer who invited me” to work on the music and that “he’s someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. We really got into it, it’s a really good movie.” He added that he “enjoyed working on Inception and it’s a great soundtrack.”

This is the second film score that Marr has worked on this year. He also has composed the soundtrack for the forthcoming movie The Big Bang.

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  1. Johnny Marr pens score for Inception | Knowledge Valley Says:

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  2. Coach Robert Says:

    Christopher is the movie director who outstanding movies.superb movie too.expecting for over. I want to tell you the true statement, it was worthy the waiting.

  3. R4 DS Says:

    indicatore di riserva di 10 giorni di potenza appena sopra il marcatore 6. Potrete inoltre apprezzare

  4. Hyacinth Vires Says:

    Inception without a doubt should get 5 stars out of 5 according to my opinion

  5. Rory Shami Says:

    surely among the very best films in the industry. Inception rocks

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