Listen: Phil Selway – By Some Miracle

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway is taking the plunge and releasing his own solo record called Familial which will be in stores on August 31st.

Down below, you can check out a song from the album called “By Some Miracle” which features Selway on vocals. The song is a dark, folk-y tune with Selway singing in a high whisper. I really didn’t think that he had such a high voice but, as evidenced by this track, it would seem he does.

If you’re expecting any of this album to sound anything like Radiohead at all then you can put that thought out of your head. There will be no references to “Amnesiac b-sides” when critiquing this album.

If you like the song then Mr. Selway has been kind enough to let you download it for the price of nothing. Just go to , enter your email address and a download code will be sent to your inbox. For now, however, just check it out and decide whether he’s better behind the drum kit or behind the mic.

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  1. Rock it Out! Blog » Blog Archive » RiO!B episode - June 30, 2010 Says:

    [...] Phil Selway releasing debut solo album Jane’s Addiction playing Friday, July 2nd at the Roxy Springsteen re-issuing Darkness on the Edge of Town R.E.M. re-issuing Fables of the Reconstruction John Lennon albums being re-issued for his birthday [...]

  2. Adrian Says:

    Phil Selway is now officially a badass…well he was already one but I guess this is just more evidence of that fact.

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