New Linkin Park album out on September 14th

Linkin Park fans can finally get their fix of new LP tunes without having to buy a Transformers soundtrack. The band is releasing their brand new album called A Thousand Suns on September 14th.

The first single off the new album is called “The Catalyst” and it will be released on the band’s official Myspace page on August 2nd. But starting on July 9th, you’ll be able to download audio stems from the new single for a contest that the rap-rockers are holding.

You download the audio stems and then remix them and create a new track using whatever audio production software you have. After you’ve created your song, you upload it to Myspace and the band will select one submission as the winner. The creator of the winning song will either have their tune put on the new album or they’ll get to perform with the band on one song on the album.

So you have the chance to get the new album from Linkin Park and the chance to actually be on the new album. Not a bad deal…although I’m reeeeally hoping that this new album doesn’t suck. Let’s pray it doesn’t get accolades just because it’s from LP and they haven’t released a new album in three years. Hopefully they put some work into this one.


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  2. samuel g Says:

    its about time

  3. MBII Says:

    Gotta agree w/ Sami on this one, as a former huuuuuge LP fan i really, REALLY hope this one is less of a disappointment than Minutes to Midnight.

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