Listen: Soundgarden – Black Rain

I love the Internet. I really do. Because not only does it provide me with endless amounts of naked women doing insane things with footballs and ferrets but also because it provides us with music from our favorite bands a lot earlier than expected. Case in point: We got the new Soundgarden song, “Black Rain.”

The song really isn’t new, per se, but just unreleased. It was recorded back in 1991 but just never made it into public. Until now. Down below, you can check out the song via a radio rip from 107.7 The End in Seattle, WA. What’s the song sound like? Well it was recorded during the Badmotorfinger sessions which means it’s amazing.

The band is releasing a new greatest hits album called Telephantasm – A Retrospective on September 28th and that’s when the song will be officially released. It’ll also be available on the new Guitar Hero game, Warriors of Rock, which is also in stores on the 28th. Also, the band’s album is teaming up with GH so that if you pre-order Warriors, you’ll get the album for free. So you might wanna consider that. But for now, just hit play down below and get taken back to the early 90′s.

Soundgarden – “Black Rain”

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21 Responses to “Listen: Soundgarden – Black Rain”

  1. Jack Says:

    Now I have a reason to get GH:WOR.

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  3. TC Says:

    Thanks, champ. <3 Soundgarden.

  4. Joel Says:

    who the hell is gonna be able to sing this on guitar hero

  5. Elias Says:

    Love it!

  6. Mike Says:

    Hell Ya!!!!

  7. xrt_intern Says:

    Hey Guys! If you like Soundgarden, check out XRT’s website for Soundgarden live at Lollapalooza…

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  9. yootesa1515 Says:

    thank you sammy (and gabe) !!! you made my day

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  11. mike Says:

    nice work now put out a full album and continue

  12. FrenchHead Says:


    I feel like a kid! I can’t wait for a 2010 tour!!! Hope they step in Quebec-Canada. I need an new album and fast! Actually I’m so happy I think I’m going to buy 2 albums and eat one!

    Merci beaucoup for having the song here.

    A la prochaine!

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    […] qui figurera sur le Best Of de SOUNDGARDEN (voir ici) peut s’ecouter en suivant ce lien. […]

  14. Mike "Doc" T Says:

    EFFING BRILLIANT!!!!! So glad they got back together!

  15. Anonymouse Says:

    Chris Cornell.

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  17. poopedijustdid Says:

    it takes me back to my happy place!


  18. Elle Says:

    I love this song…why can’t soundgarden come back and actually sound like this again? Chris Cornell you have it in you!!!

  19. Bullitt Says:

    @Anonymouse: I don’t think even Cornell can hit those notes anymore…

  20. Morgan Says:

    Hell yeah! Welcome back brothers! Rock On! m/

  21. E9gboy Says:

    CC still might be able to hit those notes. The song kicks your * regardless! A must see band in any case. WELCOME BLACK.

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