Watch: Brandon Flowers – Only The Young

I’m not the biggest fan of Brandon Flowers’ solo stuff but that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t come up with interesting video ideas.

That being said, his video for his new single, “Only The Young,” is down below for you to check out. While this clip may not feature Charlize Theron, it does feature Flowers dressed as a Vegas lounge singer in what could be the most extravagant Vegas stage show ever put on. Fire on top of water, lightning storms, ballerinas swinging from ropes a la La Reve (shout out to CoS for that reference) and more make this non-Killers track an interesting watch.

If you’re hoping to catch Flowers dressed to the nines while performing live, his North American tour kicks off on November 10th in Los Angeles. You can see all the tour dates at his official website.


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