Thom Yorke and the British PM team up for a “silent single”

As I feel that Radiohead are the best band on the planet, I’m required by RiO!B law to talk about anything that RH or their fearless leader, Thom Yorke, may take part in. But this story may be the oddest one yet.

reports that Yorke, along with producer Mark Ronson and the British Prime Minister David Cameron have teamed up (supergroup?) with others to release a new single called “2 Minute Silence” which features…two minutes of just that. Nothing. No music. No vocals. Nothing at all. And they’re selling it along with a video on iTunes. Why would you want to buy a video/song that features absolutely nothing?

Because all proceeds go to fund the Royal British Legion, which supports British soldiers who were killed or injured in the line of duty. You’ll be able to buy the single on November 7th. Also, if you happen to be in Britain on November 11th, a nationwide two minutes of silence will be held at 11:00 a.m. local time in remembrance of fallen soldiers. Down below is a short preview of the “music” video.

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