Stream the new My Chemical Romance album

Alright, girls and boys. Put away your toys because it’s time for me to bring the noise. Those Jersey boys, My Chemical Romance, are about to put you in a trance that will make you scream, make you dance.

By clicking play, you’ll be taken away to the world of Danger Days. The new album streams in its entirety, bringing with it a bit of notoriety. Undeniably, it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s grand, it’s subtle…will it be the record that makes your brain bubble? Even though it comes out on November 22, MCR were kind enough to serve it up early for you. Live from the lair of Dr. Death, it’ll make you gasp while taking a deep breath.

So kick your feet up, relax, and take an hour to chill. Danger Days will give you a feeling of thrill. Rock out the record then stand up and shout “Thanks MCR and thanks Rock it Out!”

I would be such a badass pirate radio DJ.


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