The Beatles are on iTunes

Well its finally happened. After plenty of re-issues, re-issues of re-issues, box sets, mono versions of albums, stereo versions of mono versions of re-issued box sets and more, The Beatles have finally gone digital and are now on iTunes.

Apple made a huge announcement today that had nothing to do with a new iPod, iPhone, MacBook or any other technological advances. After years of back-and-forth between the band, the label and Apple, an agreement was finally reached to have all of the Fab Four’s music for us to download directly into our iPods. Hip hip hooray?

Now I’m not knocking this move. I think it’s great for the Beatles because in this digital day and age, younger fans are prone to downloading music instead of hitting up a record store. So this puts the music of John, Paul, George and Ringo at the fingertips of millions of younger fans and gets their music out even more. Hopefully these kids will start buying these albums instead of the drivel that comes from shows like Glee.

But for us older fans/longtime Beatles fans, they’re late to the party. I mean we already own all the albums, we paid for the box sets and we’ve already put all that glorious music into our respective mp3 players. What’s all the excitement about? If anything, it’s become quite annoying. Every other band was already on iTunes and moving forward with the way music is being distributed. Why did the Beatles wait? Was it to try and get more money out of fans with all the box sets and re-issues? Was it a holier-than-thou attitude towards downloading? Were they worried the music wouldn’t sound as good if it were downloaded?

In any case, having the Beatles on iTunes is good or eh depending on where you stand as a fan. But it can get annoying real fast since individual tracks . A bit pricey for making us wait so long, don’t you think?

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