Watch: My Chemical Romance – Sing

If My Chemical Romance’s video for “Na Na Na” was like Star Wars then their new video for “Sing” is like The Empire Strikes Back. It’s not a happy ending for the forces of good.

MCR as the Killjoys from their forthcoming album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, head into a facility to rescue a child from the clutches of the enemy. But they find themselves in the middle of a massive laser gun fight that end with deadly results. It’s actually becoming a really good story.

I admire the band’s dedication to telling this tale through their album. Makes me more excited to buy it when it finally comes out. But if you want to hear the full story of the Killjoys, they’re streaming Danger Days right now for your listening pleasure. The album comes out on Monday, November 22nd.


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