Blink-182 announce album release date

The reformation of Blink-182 and their forthcoming album has been one of the bigger stories in rock, whether you like their music or not. Now, thanks to a post at bassist Mark Hoppus’s blog, we know a bit more about that album including it’s time of release.

Hoppus posted that the band “want to deliver the record in April or May, for release very soon afterward. That’s our goal. That’s what we’re all working toward.” So a spring release which could potentially mean plenty of summer shows to be announced soon. Let’s keep hoping for that.

Hoppus also posted about the progression of the album. He says Blink have “been busy with new songs and ideas, and some tracks are very near complete.” He goes on to write that “we’re working with the better part of ten or so songs at this point. There’s still a long to way to go before the album is done, but already it seems like the songs are both taking a step even further than we took on the last album, while also going back to the sound of some of the earlier albums.”

Many were wondering how long it would actually take for the album to finish up since Hoppus became a host on Fuse. But since they’ve already announced five dates in the UK, one can safely assume that his main motivation is his little ol’ punk-pop band.

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  1. Romero Melo Says:

    Hey, i like blink 182, but i just liked them when they were young i think they get bored when old!

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