Listen: R.E.M. – “It Happened Today”

I’m so happy R.E.M. are back. Their first song that they released last week, “Discoverer,” from their forthcoming album Collapse Into Now is a solid listen. Now, by clicking play down below, you’ll hear their first official single, “It Happened Today,” featuring the one and only Eddie Vedder. It’s safe to say that Michael Stipe and crew are two for two on new music.

Courtesy of our musical partners in crime (via ) we got our hands on the single for you to listen to as many times as you desire. If you care to download this track (legally!), you’ll have to pre-order Collapse Into Now from iTunes to get the song. BTW, the album will be in stores on March 8th. If you haven’t marked that date on your calendar yet, please do so.

R.E.M. – “It Happened Today”

UPDATE: Our buddies at have come through again. Thanks to them we found a new trailer that R.E.M. posted online with snippets of songs from their forthcoming album. Check it out down below.

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5 Responses to “Listen: R.E.M. – “It Happened Today””

  1. Snakeweirdo Says:

    I am not sure I like REM, but Eddie Vedder is the greatest singer alive today.

  2. Eddie Says:

    I am sure I like R.E.M and Michael Stipe is the greatest singer alive today.

  3. Carter Says:

    That ending lasts wayyyyyy too long

  4. Says:

    ti amo michael… I love R.E.M
    la vostra musica è la mia vita. love love R.E.M

  5. Says:

    Sounds to me like very little happens i that song, especially considering the song’s title.

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