Check out 30-second samples of The Strokes Angles

I know you can’t wait for the new Strokes album. You told me so yourself! So to help you out a bit, here are some free samples of new material from the NYC band.

Down below, thanks to (via YouTuber ,) you can check out 30-second clips of every single track off of their forthcoming album, Angles, which is in stores on March 22nd.

Having already heard the album, I’m recommending the samples you check out first are “Machu Picchu,” “Two Kinds of Happiness” and “You’re So Right.” Get ready to have your Strokes hype machine turned up to a new level.


2 Responses to “Check out 30-second samples of The Strokes Angles”

  1. Zac Says:

    How did you listen to the album??

  2. James Says:

    The video was removed………………..Sony took it down due to a copyright claim.

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