Trent Reznor is a busy little Oscar winning boy

It looks like winning a Golden Globe AND and an Oscar won’t be slowing Trent Reznor down anytime soon.

The multi-award winning Nine Inch Nails frontman may have quite a few projects looming ahead of him. He’s already working on the score of the new David Fincher movie, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and hopes this fall.

But, according to our friends at , Reznor is rolling up sleeves for more. It’s that he’s in talks to star in the upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While Reznor hasn’t signed onto the movie yet, he’s in talks to play the character of Jack Barts, a vampire who kills Lincoln’s mother and then teaches the future president how to get his vengeance.

Personally, I’m hoping this happens. It could be pretty sweet to see Reznor bare some fangs and be a cold-blooded undead killer…even if the plot seems a bit daft. Maybe Peter Murphy could make a cameo just to sweeten the deal.

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3 Responses to “Trent Reznor is a busy little Oscar winning boy”

  1. Steven Schneider Says:

    ya know, April Fools is still a month away. maybe you should check your calender.

  2. Says:

    He really deserved his oscar, and i hope he will create much more soon!

  3. Mike Says:

    How about some more NIN? That seems like a good idea. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather hear Trent sing than his wife.

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