Watch: The Strokes perform on Saturday Night Live

For the third time, the Strokes made their return to the stage of Saturday Night Live to perform two songs from their forthcoming album, Angles. Up top you can watch their performance of the new single, “Under Cover Of Darkness,” which features frontman Julian Casablancas and his “I’ll perform but continue to look really bored” attitude. Although, right before the song ends, a loud “fuck it!” exits his lips on national television. That phrase pretty much sums up the Strokes on SNL: We’re here, we’ll play, you’ve been waiting for us forever and you’ll like whatever we do…fuck it.

Down below, you can check out their performance of a brand new song from the album called “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight.” Tell me you don’t think you hear a huge influence from The Police when you listen to the track. Stewart Copeland would be damn proud of that drumming pattern.

Angles is in stores on March 22nd. We should give thanks to for the videos.

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