Trent Reznor talks vampire role, HBO miniseries

Trent Reznor has taken to the NIN message boards once again. Last time, he brought the good news that he’s focusing on new Nine Inch Nails tunes. This time he’s bringing a bit of good news…and kinda sorta but not really bad news.

Reznor posted at the that he will not be taking part in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in any way, shape or form. He was rumored to play a vampire that kills Lincoln’s mother. And now a reading from the post of Reznor:

I WON’T be working on (acting or scoring) ALVH after all. There’s no juicy story here, it’s just that when the news mysteriously leaked out about my involvement I hadn’t made up my mind completely, because various aspects of the project were changing. I felt the need to say something earlier this week because my inbox was filling up with speculation, and at that moment I thought I would be doing it. Confused yet? Apparently I am.
Bottom line, I wish them the best with the film and I’m sure it will still be great.

BUT the good news is that at the very end of the post, the Oscar winner wrote one sentence that has got fans excited for a whole new reason…his HBO miniseries. Reznor wrote, “Also, in all the excitement of the last note I forgot to mention we’re still fully engaged with the Year Zero mini-series, writing away.”

Abraham Lincoln what? Vampire who? A mini series based on Year Zero is being worked on, people! And remember…it’s not TV. It’s HBO which is now known as my favorite channel.

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  1. Phil Bourque Says:

    I’m glad he bailed on this ‘project’. The vampire and zombie thing is as lame as Beach Blanket Bingo. The stake to the heart and the head shot can’t happen soon enough. Peace and let’s move ahead or at least quit the blatant, comic book crap.

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