Smashing Pumpkins releasing new album, re-issuing past albums

Even though I and many other people have stopped caring, the Smashing Pumpkins continue to plug away at their music. Even though I forgot about the whole Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project, I feel that some of you may give a shit about this band so I feel it necessary to bring you a bit of information straight from the mouth of Billy Corgan.

Corgan put out a video at the band’s that listed the following things. First, the band is releasing a new song called “Owata” either this week or next week that you can download for free at . Secondly, Corgan revealed that the band will be recording a new album called Oceania this summer and will hopefully release it in September.

“But wait, Sami, isn’t the Teargarden project SP’s new album?” How about you shut the fuck up so I can finish? Corgan called Oceania an “album within an album” and that it will feature anywhere from 9-11 songs but it will still be a part of the Teargarden project. See what happens when you listen? You get all the details…dick.

Also, and this part is actually cool, the band is re-issuing all of their past albums. Starting this Christmas, Gish, Siamese Dream and Pisces Iscariot should be in stores. In 2012, Mellon Collie, The Aeroplane Flies High and Adore will be released and come 2013, Machina and Machina II will be put out. In addition to the albums being remastered, previously unheard tracks, b-sides and more will also be included on the albums.

Finally, Corgan said the band is plotting out tour dates for America and Europe starting this August. No dates have been finalized yet.


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  1. Mike Says:

    Looking forward to the Mellon Collie remaster, but I’m really looking forward to the Machina II remaster.

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