Anthrax releasing new album, Worship Music, September 13

Anthrax has been quite busy for the past year. Just from playing shows with the Big Four of Thrash, that alone has put Anthrax back into the spotlight where prior to that, many people only knew Anthrax from Scott Ian’s beard…or from the white powder that can kill you. But now, it’s a whole new scenario and Anthrax is taking full advantage of it.

That being said, the band’s new album, Worship Music, is coming out on September 13th and on the following day, Anthrax will rock Yankee Stadium in the Bronx with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. This is also the band’s first new album in eight years and the first featuring the return of vocalist, Joey Belladonna, whose last album with Anthrax was 1990′s Persistence of Time.

Belladonna said, “I’m very happy with the record, it sounds like Anthrax…Now it’s time for the fans to listen and get what they’ve been waiting for. I’ll tell you, I’m really excited.”

A full world tour in support of Worship Music is expected to be announced soon.


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  1. Rock it Out! Blog » Blog Archive » RiO!B episode - June 9, 2011 Says:

    So grab a fork and dig in for all the latest news on the music that scares kids in Brooklyn. Anthrax releasing album in September Machine Head releasing new single Opeth touring with Katatonia Megadeth writing music for video

  2. EternalLies Says:

    Decent band. I’d be lying if I said I’m waiting for their new album…

  3. dave dilkes Says:

    cant wait for the album

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