Dave Mustaine says new album, TH1RT3EN, will be out November 1st

All you freaks that are aching for that new Megadeth album can tentatively circle a release date for the new album, TH1RT3EN. According to Dave Mustaine in an interview with , the new album “will probably be coming out around November 1st.” As for the reason behind the alphabet/numeral mash-up title? “I was born on September 13th; this is my thirteenth record. It just seemed like it was the right thing to do to call it TH1RT3EN.”

The band played a brand new song from the album called “Public Enemy No.1″ in Germany a few weeks ago and a song called “Never Dead” will appear on the soundtrack for the Never Dead video game as well as the new album. Also, the song “Sudden Death,” which appeared on Guitar Hero, will also make an appearance on the album.

Megadeth is touring this summer on the Rockstar Mayhem Tour and will perform with the Big Four of Thrash at Yankee Stadium on September 14th.

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