Former QOTSA bassist, Nick Oliveri, stands off against S.W.A.T.

Nothing like a stand off in the deserts of…Los Angeles. Okay that set up didn’t pan out like I thought I would but there was a stand off in L.A last night between S.W.A.T. and former Queens of the Stone Age/current Kyuss Lives! bassist, Nick Oliveri.

reports that police were called to Oliveri’s home by a neighbor who was reporting a disturbance between the bassist and his girlfriend. Upon arriving, Oliveri wouldn’t let cops into his home and wouldn’t let his girlfriend leave. So a S.W.A.T. team was called and a two-hour standoff took place until eventually Oliveri let the girl go and then gave himself up. When cops entered the house, they found a fully loaded high powered rifle.

The argument between Oliveri and his girl happened because she was coming to his place to move her stuff out. A day before, she told police that Oliveri had struck her during another argument.

The bassist was taken in on felony domestic violence and has since had his bail of $100,000 posted.

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