The Black Keys have finished their new album

How do I best sum up my joy about this story? How about….YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!

Oh it’s true. The Black Keys recently spoke with and confirmed that their new album is all finished up and should be out sometime this year! Furthermore, like their album Attack & Release, Danger Mouse was the one handling the producing. But that’s not all.

Singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach said that unlike Brothers, this new album is “way more driving and the tempos are really fast.” He added that this album was inspired by bands like The Clash and is more garage-rock than blues. Some of the songs on the album include the opener “Lonely Boy” which Auerbach described as “guitar bleeding into the drum mics. It’s pretty raw.” Another song, “Little Submarine,” according to Auerbach, “starts with just acoustic guitar and vocals and by the end it sounds like Black Sabbath!”

No word as to when the album will be released but I’m already clearing a bit of room on the top albums of 2011 list for it…just in case.


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