Hearts Ann Wilson says Alice in Chains releasing new album soon

From a rather unlikely source, we now know that Alice in Chains is planning on releasing their next album either this winter or early 2012. That source? Heart’s Ann Wilson who spoke to about AIC.

Wilson said that the new album doesn’t have a title yet but that the band sounds “amazing” when playing the new material. She added, “How can Jerry [Cantrell] not sound amazing, but I mean, it really does – they’re a monster.”

New AIC possibly out this year? Damn, 2011 has got a ton of surprises.

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4 Responses to “Hearts Ann Wilson says Alice in Chains releasing new album soon”

  1. James! Says:

    My question is: Why does Ann Wilson know about this?

  2. Paulina Says:

    Sean looks at this photo a bit like Snape.
    @James!: She’s visited them at studio.

  3. Rock it Out! Blog » Blog Archive » RiO!B episode - July 21, 2011 Says:

    Caputo undergoing sex change operation New Alice in Chains album this year? New Stone Sour EP/DVD Jane’s Addiction recording concert in 3D Powerman 5000 releasing

  4. paperlungm/ Says:

    :O O.O!!!

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