Listen: Bush – The Sound of Winter

I know you’ve been waiting nay yearning for the day the new song from Bush finally came out. Well down below you can play the new single, “The Sound of Winter,” to your heart’s content, thanks to . They also performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and you can also watch that down below thanks to . Bush’s new album, The Sea of Memories, will be in stores on September 13th. So what do you think? Does this song pass or fail?


5 Responses to “Listen: Bush – The Sound of Winter”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    BIG Fail, it?s boring.

  2. jack Says:

    I disagree with Rodrigo up thar^. I find the track interesting. I can say for sure that i’ll give the album a good listen when it comes out for sure. Although hopefully this isnt the best song on the cd.

  3. gorangers! Says:

    personally i think this song is awesome. its not the same as the old stuff but oh well they have grown as musicians the song has alot meaning. its got a sound that will make you think

  4. magnetic Says:

    I think its miles better than Afterlife and gives me more faith for the album to be something by bush and not another Gavin Rossdale solo album. I just wish he would stop using that electric undertone with the vocals. It ruins the otherwise good song

  5. Luiz F. F. Says:

    great song!

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