Wolfmother singer covers the Beatles, gets arrested afterwards

Yup, you know it’s a Friday when I write stories like this. Up top you can see…well, mostly hear Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale drunkenly covering the Beatles classic song, “Let it Be,” whilst in a bar near Brisbane, Australia. What makes it even better is that he adds a classic line to the song singing, “Oh motherfucker, let it be!” Clearly, that had to be what the Beatles were thinking when they wrote the track. But reports that wasn’t all that happened that night.

Following his drunken cover, it was reported that Stockdale was forcibly removed from the stage and got into a scuffle with a few bouncers. He was told to leave the venue and wouldn’t be served anymore drinks but Stockdale refused to leave and took a seat on the floor. Police were called and the singer was arrested and spent the night in jail. Earlier today, he was fined $350 at Brisbane Magistrate’s Court but Stockdale wasn’t present at the hearing.

Oh motherfucker, let it be, indeed.

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