Watch: Blink-182 – Up All Night

A Blink-182 video without some type of destruction, mayhem or chaos…simply wouldn’t be a Blink-182 video. So, up top, you can check out the threesome’s newest video for their single, “Up All Night,” from their forthcoming album, Neighborhoods. Yeah, it doesn’t have Tom, Travis or Mark running around naked and impersonating pop videos but it does have kids pretty much tearing up a suburban house party before eventually battling each other on the front lawn.

This, by the way, is the “official” video for “Up All Night.” Yes, there was another one featuring which was cute in its own way but the real deal requires you to press play up there. Neighborhoods comes out on September 27th.


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  1. chick Says:

    not there best vid :/ but im still super pumped to see them live

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