Listen: Thom Yorke – “The Twist”

Nope, this is isn’t Thom Yorke’s cover of the . The Radiohead frontman dropped his own mix, dubbed the “Moneyback Mix,” on Mary Anne Hobbs’ show on XFM and decided to drop one of his own unheard tracks for the listening public. It’s called “The Twist” and…well…it’s different. That’s for sure.

Listen, I call myself the biggest Radiohead fan on the planet and when one of your musical heroes falters a bit, it’s tough to call them out because your heroes aren’t supposed to do any wrong. But this song is the equivalent of a DJ vomiting his darkest thoughts onto the mixing board and then editing the track while on loads of molly. It just doesn’t fly.

I know Yorke is sowing his DJ oats these days and is down with cats like Flying Lotus and occasionally spins live but…no, I can’t bring myself to like this. Check it out down below if you want and then check out his full mix underneath that.

Thom Yorke – “The Twist”

Thom Yorke – “Moneyback Mix”


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