A first look at RE:GENERATION this week

The forthcoming documentary, RE:GENERATION, which pairs five DJ’s/producers with five different genres will be something that will have music fans debating one another for a while. Can artists like Skrillex and The Crystal Method use their skills to further a genre like rock or hip-hop and take it’s sound to another level? Or will it just sound garbled and messy? This week, I’ll be heading to the RE:GENERATION press conference, presented by Hyundai Veloster and the Re:Mix lab event in New York City, to get that answer.

Up top, you can get a taste of the sounds that were captured by director Amir Bar Lev in the trailer for the film. The producers featured in the film include Skrillex, The Crystal Method, DJ Premier, Mark Ronson and Pretty Lights. They work alongside The Doors, R&B singer Martha Reeves, Nas and the Berklee School of Music Orchestra, Erykah Badu and the Dap Kings and Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley respectively. RE:GENERATION will premiere in early 2012 and will be a part of Grammy week next year.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think DJ’s and electronic producers can help genres or hurt genres?

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  1. A first look at RE:GENERATION this week | JJ Thomas Radio Says:

    here: A first look at RE:GENERATION this week Posted in Rock Tags: country, dj premier, erykah-badu, leann rimes, live music, mark

  2. Chris Says:

    That’s a really cool video. I can’t wait to see that.

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