The Re:Mix lab was cooking in NYC

Live performances? Check. DJ Classes? Check. Underground bingo? Check. The Re:Mix lab, which was sponsored by Hyundai Veloster, made its impact at its first stop.

New York City’s Chelsea Market was all abuzz with live sets from artists like Cold War Kids and DJ sets from guys like DJ Premier, who took time from filming a scene from the forthcoming documentary, RE:GENERATION, to answer some of the crowd’s questions about the movie that will be released next year. The movie also includes DJs/producers like Skrillex, Mark Ronson, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method working with artists outside their genre to hopefully create a brand new sound.

Did we mention all of the slick looking Velosters around the hall? I’m pretty sure when those cars hit the streets in 2012 there’ll be a bit of fast and furious action going down in your neighborhood. A car that can zip through the streets AND have a DJ console in its trunk? It can literally be a party wherever it parks.

Now don’t be mad if you missed the lab in the Big Apple. It’s hitting up Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles throughout the remainder of the year. to see all the forthcoming dates and all the events that come with it.

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  1. The Re:Mix lab was cooking in NYC | JJ Thomas Radio Says:

    the article: The Re:Mix lab was cooking in NYC Posted in Rock Tags: classic-rock, country, dj premier, jj thomas, live music, mark

  2. Chris Says:

    I saw Cold War Kids at F* Yeah Fest here in LA. I have a general appreciation for their music but their live performance was boring

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