Listen: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

The Black Keys are back and the proof is down below. Thanks to a great viral video by the band, the new single “Lonely Boy” can be heard down below. The single officially comes out today and you’ll get it as an instant download if you pre-order the band’s new album, El Camino. The album is out on December 6th and you can also purchase the song on vinyl as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.

As for the song? Dan Auerbach wasn’t kidding when he said it would sound more garage rock. Don’t be surprised if you start singing along after only one listen. Also, if you don’t dance to this song, then you have no soul.


4 Responses to “Listen: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy”

  1. Connor Says:

    This song is awesome!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Not a bad song but the guy dancing made it even better! Pretty funny

  3. Ed Says:


  4. Rock it Out! Blog » Blog Archive » Stream: The Black Keys - "Run Right Back" Says:

    when The Black Keys dropped their new single, “Lonely Boy,” on us? I still jam out to that track. But now I’ve got another one to smile about thanks to the

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