Listen: Metallica – Hate Train

Need to get the sound of Lulu out of your head? This might help a little bit.

Down below you can check out a previously unreleased song from Metallica’s most recent album, Death Magnetic, called “Hate Train”. This is the demo version of the song that the band’s MetClub sent out to all of its members. The band also recently played this song for the first time on Monday, December 5th at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. Metallica is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a weeks worth of shows at the venue.

Metallica – “Hate Train”


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  1. Listen: Metallica – “Hate Train” | JJ Thomas Radio Says:

    original post here: Listen: Metallica – “Hate Train” Posted in Rock Tags: classic-rock, metallica, new music, radio « T-Pain Keeps It

  2. Jason Says:

    This is a good song! Really shows off Hetfield’s vocals. They should have put it on Magnetic @_@ And I really do like the texture of demo better.

  3. Rock it Out! Blog » Blog Archive » Listen: Metallica - "Just A Bullet Away" Says:

    just really trying to help us forget about Lulu. Earlier this week, Metallica released the previously unreleased track, “Hate Train,” which was recorded during the Death Magnetic sessions. Well now we’ve got another previously

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    Metallica – “Hate Train” Metallica – “Just A Bullet Away” Lamb of God – “Ghost Walking” NIN/How To Destroy Angels updates Puscifer tour dates Killswitch Engage headlining festival in 2012? Anthrax/Testament 2012 tour dates Zakk Wylde getting roasted Atreyu/Bleeding Through frontmen form I Am War

  5. steven Says:

    amazing song. They really should have put this on the album. i agree with jason that it really shows of Hetfields vocal ability.

  6. t89 Says:

    Really good song, the opening riff and guitar solo was amazing, got a little too long though for my taste.
    But definitely something that could have gone on Death Magnetic, no question about that.

  7. Anthony Says:

    Its ok i dont live it as much as i did the rest of magnetic. But coming from the biggest metallica fan in the world…..its better than lulu.

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    which was also recorded around the time the band was working on Death Magnetic along with “Hate Train” and “Just A Bullet Away”. Metallica has been performing in San Francisco at the

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    This is the fourth track to come from Metallica this week. The previous songs include “Hate Train,” “Just A Bullet Away” and “Hell And Back”. This bounty hath sprung forth

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