Radiohead will play new songs on 2012 tour

As if seeing Radiohead in 2012 wasn’t enough to make you yearn for the new year, a new piece of information courtesy of rhythm guitarist Ed O’Brien should make you wanna start singing “Auld Lang Syne” today.

In an interview with Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM (via ), O’Brien said that Radiohead was in the studio rehearsing brand new songs for their upcoming tour. So does that mean new songs equal a new album in the near future? O’Brien said, “if that means at the end of the year we might have nipped into the studio for a couple of weeks and done an EP or something else then it could be, but the thing is to keep it as fluid and flexible as possible.” You can hear O’Brien’s comments down below.

This shouldn’t come as a complete shock since frontman Thom Yorke told that the band was planning on hitting the studio in December and January.

But before any new music is heard, Radiohead will release two new songs, “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase,” on December 19th as well as the digital version of their Live From The Basement performance.

Ed O’Brien with Mary Anne Hobbs


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