Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band performing at SXSW

We all knew this was happening but it’s nice to have some confirmation. Not only is Bruce Springsteen delivering a keynote address at South By Southwest in Austin, TX but he and the E Street Band are also performing. Cue the throngs of people lining up to see him from now.

The band is performing an intimate show on March 15th, according to the , but there’s a catch; not everyone will get to go. The site claims that SXSW will conduct a “ticket drawing” and you’re only eligible for the drawing if you’re a “platinum badge holder, music badge holder, artist wristband holder, and…SXSW Music wristband holders who have already obtained their wristbands online.”

Badge holders can apply to get tickets starting on March 12th through March 14th. Holders can go to “any of the four Connection Centers in the Austin Convention Center to enter the drawing.” Winners will be notified on March 15th via email at 10am where they can claim their tickets for the show.

Best of luck to you. I’ll be applying though I’m pretty sure my chances of winning are slim to extremely slim…I gotta have a little hope.

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