Damon Albarn comments on the future of Blur and Gorillaz

Damon Albarn is responsible for the future of both Blur and Gorillaz and right now those futures aren’t looking that bright.

In an interview with (via ), Albarn talked about putting an official end on both bands even though Blur is slated to close out the Olympics this summer with a concert in Hyde Park in London.

When asked if Blur would record anymore albums, Albarn stated, “No, I don’t think so.” As for live shows, Albarn said, “No, not really.” He expanded on those statements saying that a main reason that Blur won’t put out anything new is due to bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree. “It’s harder for them to reconnect. You know what I mean? It’s fine when we play live – it’s really magical still – but actually recording new stuff, and swapping musical influences… it’s quite difficult,” he said.

But he did add that “you can write scripts, and they always end up going… [pause]… well, one thing I’ve learned, and I’m sure you’re exactly the same, is that everything I think I’ve got totally sorted out, and I know exactly what’s going to happen – it never works out that way…”

As for Gorillaz, Albarn claims it’s “unlikely” that any more music will come from his animated primates. He says that he and his co-creator, animator Jamie Hewlett, “were at cross purposes somewhat on [Plastic Beach], which is a shame. So until a time comes when that knot has been untied…”

He added that as the live shows for Gorillaz became larger, leaning heavily on the animation became less of a necessity. “The music and the videos weren’t working as well together, but I felt we’d made a really good record, and I was into it. So we went and played it.” He also mentioned that he and Hewlett aren’t really speaking to each other.

But that doesn’t mean Albarn is sitting around twiddling his thumbs. He’s quite the busy musician these days; he’s got two studio albums coming out with his Flea/Tony Allen side-project, Rocket Juice and the Moon, and the soundtrack to his musical, Dr. Dee.

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  3. pixie nyx@runescape.com Says:

    gorillaz is gone cause the two guys pissed eachother off?!?!
    Scrue that!Make with the happy niceness and keep it going gorillaz is the only band i like if its gone iv got nothing to listen too.
    Amazing how things inadvertantly affect all the bystandards….
    Ima “try”to find a new favorit band….wish me luck…

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