Slipknot launching music festival called Knotfest

Slipknot fans in the U.S. are getting their band back in a big way this year. Not only is Slipknot headlining the Mayhem festival but they’ve announced that they’re hosting their own music festival called Knotfest this August.

Knotfest will take place on August 17th in the band’s home state of Iowa and then on August 18th in the town of Somerset which is on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Slipknot will headline both nights and filling out the rest of the bill includes Deftones, Lamb Of God, Serj Tankian, Dethklok, The Urge, Cannibal Corpse and more.

Shawn “Clown” Crahan spoke to and expressed his thoughts about the band’s upcoming festivals. “It’s time for us to really engulf this idea known as Knotfest where we’re in control, we make a day devoted to our mindset, our ideas, the people that we want to play with, the people that we think our fans want to be around.”

He added, “When everyone leaves their senses [will be] overloaded, and I’m talking about smells, sights, hearing, your body, everything is overloaded with stimulation, because that’s what Slipknot does.”

The festival will also be part amusement park. In addition to seeing the bands, attendees will also experience everything from rides and games to burlesque dancers and firebreathers. A Slipknot museum will also be on display at both dates. Tickets will be going on sale June 8th.

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