The five most influential bands in the history of Rock-n-Roll

Rock music never finishes with listening to recorded tracks. You can’t become a rocker if you were never present on concerts of bands like Metallica, Queen, or Muse. Their concerts stay not only amazing shows, where you can listen to your favorite tracks again. Their concerts are filled with miscellaneous special effects, decorations, and even theatre performances so you can fill your favorite songs in the way, you’ve never felt it before. And here are 5 bands, which remain truly amazing if we speak about their stage performance.

5 best live bands:

  1. The Rolling Stones, even when they stayed not so active due to their age, they still organize amazing live shows gathering tens thousands of people in any country they visit. Staying the part of these huge fans’ crowds and singing to songs, aged older than you remains something you will never find in any similar show;
  2. Metallica, this band maintains leading position not only by famous recordings but also for their live performances. Screen effects and lights, war sounds, and special light effects turn any Metallica concert to an amazing show. Amazement of their performance is shown in the 2013 year movie “Through the Never”, which is must-watch for all true heavy metal lovers;
  3. Muse, this band stays famous not just because of its music experiments and soundtracks to contemporary movies. An amazing stage performance of Matt Bellamy, great scope of light and sound effects, and well-chosen classical tracks turn their concert into a fascinating show full of lights and colors. Presence on their concert is already a desire for million fans;
  4. Queen, even after death of legendary Freddie Mercury, this band continued to play bright live shows. As a glam metal band, they are famous for introducing unique elements from different cultures and art and ending each concert with “God Save the Queen” hymn;
  5. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, this band is one of the most charismatic live bands in today’s rock scene. Their funny and original movements are imminent to funk music they play and they are loved by thousands of fans, agile to attend any of their concerts.

The secret of choosing the best place during the live show

If you want to attend one of these bands’ live shows – don’t rush to booking websites. Typically, the best places are pre-ordered by official fan clubs and partnering credit cards providers. So if you want to buy ticket on your favorite rock concert is a key to own the best place is in holding a credit card from a supporting provider. As soon as you become this credit card holder – you get the right of first-order ticket purchase so you will no longer be in a back seat.

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